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In Kazakhstan, in the "vegetable season", onions, carrots and beets are becoming more expensive

Prices for some vegetables (carrots, onions, beets, beans), despite the season and a new crop, continue to grow. The prices for garlic, cabbage, potatoes and tomatoes with cucumbers naturally decreased in the summer season.
2018-09-19 [Подробнее]

Prices for butter grow in Europe and Lithuania

The reason was a sharp increase in demand for butter from several countries, including China and other eastern states. This dramatically affected consumption growth.
2018-06-17 [Подробнее]

In January, exports of fruit and vegetable products from Uzbekistan totaled $ 42.6 million

The main profit in monetary terms was brought by export sales of grapes, pomegranates, lemons, persimmons, apples, greens, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers and peanuts.
2018-05-16 [Подробнее]

Food prices in Astana have risen

According to the city statistics department, the city saw an increase in prices for dairy products, a number of names of meat products and vegetables.
2018-02-16 [Подробнее]

By 2030, milk consumption in Chinas cities will increase to 46.2 kg per capita

Today, the Celestial Empire remains the largest importer of dairy products in the world. So, in 2014, its share in the import of dairy products in the world was 19.2%, and in 2015 - 15.1%. The largest share of imports falls on dry milk - 41% of total imports and serum - 32.5%.
2017-11-16 [Подробнее]

In Canada, low-calorie, low-carbohydrate potatoes are grown

If you like potatoes, then you do not have to worry about calories and carbohydrates, new potatoes from Ontario take care of it. The Canadian company claims that its new potato has fewer calories and carbohydrates, and has a lower glycemic index, which makes it an excellent product for diabetics.
2017-08-16 [Подробнее]

The cold summer of 2017: how bad weather will affect food prices

Because of the anomalous for the summer cold and rain in central Russia, vegetables and fruits are becoming more expensive. In turn, grain and dairy products.
2017-07-20 [Подробнее]

In China, will open 300 stores with Russian products

In the Southern Urals, a joint Russian-Chinese venture is being set up. Its products - macaroni, flour, cereals and other food products - will be supplied to the four largest hypermarkets in China.
2017-03-16 [Подробнее]

Hungarian pork manufacturer MCS Vagohid Zrt. intends to expand production

Expansion of production capacities will allow the company to significantly increase domestic and external sales of its products. After modernization and expansion, the company will be able to process up to 1 million pigs per year.
2016-08-16 [Подробнее]

In the Central Federal District there was a sharp increase in the cost of live pigs

Compared with the previous month, domestic prices for live pigs on average became higher by 4.3%, and on pork in half-carcasses by 0.1%. During the year, the cost of live pigs was lower by an average of 12.1%, and pork in half-carcasses by 17.1%.
2016-02-26 [Подробнее]