Food prices in Astana have risen

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As reported by IA Kazakh-grain, in the capital of Kazakhstan Astana, there is a rise in prices for food.

According to the city statistics department, the city saw an increase in prices for dairy products, a number of names of meat products and vegetables.

In the dairy sector, kefir increased by 0.3%, milk pasteurized - by 2.3% and butter unsalted - by 0.2%, but cheese cheeses dropped by 0.3%.

In the meat sector there was a rise in prices for pork - by 1.8%, chicken legs - by 1%, horse meat - by 0.4%. At the same time, mutton fell by 0.6% and beef by 0.5%.

In the vegetable sector, potatoes grew by 8.2%, cucumbers by 5.8%, carrots by 3.6%, cabbage - by 2.5%, onion by 1.5%, beets - on 0,8%, tomatoes - on 0,2%.